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ingredients right from the produce aisle

Organic Celery Juice

Antioxidants for inflammation, digestion, & hydration

Organic Cucumber Juice

Hydration & anti-inflammatory

Organic Coconut Water


Organic Broccoli

Antioxidants for a healthy digestive track

Organic Kale

Rich in chlorophyll, carotenoids, & flavonoids

Organic Spinach

Good source of fiber

Organic Artichoke

Prebiotic fiber that supports overall gut health

Organic Papaya

Vitamin D for nutrient absorption

Organic Orange

Vitamin C, A, & thaimin for immune health, skin benefits, & overall body function

Organic Banana

Vitamin B6 for optimal food absorption into energy, mood boosts, & brain health

Organic Mushroom

Vitamin E for immune health & anti-inflammatory

The next evolution of wellness and convenience is here.

Over the past 18 months, we've been hard at work to seamless combine convenience, wellness, and unparalleled taste and have created a product that makes maintaining healthy habits easier than ever.

With Greens on the Go™️, you can enjoy the benefits of a nutrient-packed greens beverage anytime, anywhere. Made with 100% natural ingredients and bursting with delicious flavor, it's the ultimate blend of convenience and health.